【Lovely RED】Fruit Wine recipe capsules 6pcs

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Mu red wine series

Cold weather needs a little boozy breath
Lovely RED Red Wine Capsules
Fruity flavors perfectly combined with tannins
Slightly sour and sweet aroma, rich spicy layer
Surprise in every sip
The point is that one capsule can also have multiple enjoyments

1. Make mulled wine
(Put 150cc~200cc red wine into the pot and bring to a boil, pour it into a glass and mix well with the contents of the ice brick capsule, then it’s ready)
Warm your body and soul on a cold night
Drunken throbbing makes me happy every day
2. Pair with ice wine
(Directly mix the contents of the ice brick capsule with 150cc~200cc red wine and mix well)
The fresh sweet and sour taste is like the taste of first love
Dependent, excited, looking forward to meeting him every day


【Product Name】 Cocktail recipe capsules
【Commodity weight (capacity)】 Cocktail recipe capsules 80CC/piece
【Contents】 6 Cocktail recipe capsules/group, 6 cinnamon sticks
【Allergens】 This product contains cinnamon, pregnant women should not take it.
【Storage period】 Freeze below -18°C for 1 year
【Expiry Date】As shown on the date marked on the product (AD)
【Storage method】 Please freeze and store below -18°C (unopened)


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