• Smart cocktail machine

    · Developed, manufactured, made in Taiwan
    · High-quality operation interface, WIFI connection.
    · Automatic cocktail making in 30 seconds.
    · The operator can choose the alcohol concentration by setting.
    · Extensive Moodcocktails fresh recipe.
    (lychee, green plum, Osmanthus, perilla plum, mango, peach, roselle...continue to launch)
    · BIB packing design, made with fresh juice, aseptically filled, refrigerated for 2 months.
    · Independent pipeline, less waste, hygienic, easy to clean
    · Modular design is suitable for restaurants, VIP rooms, restaurants, pubs, parties, tailgates, conferences
    · (Optional) commercial sparkling water machine and 90 liter refrigerator
    · Flexible business model, welcome to discuss various cooperation

    Party event service is available

    Contact us: LINE Official: @moodcocktails