[Double bartending slightly drunk Set]

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Double drunken group,
Take it to picnics, movies, light trips, and whip up professional-grade drinks at any time.


【Product Name】  Cocktail recipe capsules
【Commodity weight (capacity)】 Cocktail recipe capsules 80CC/piece
【Contents】 Cocktail recipe capsules 2 capsules/group, 2 dried lemon slices, two 50ml Vodka bottles, a 375ml bottle of sparkling water, two diamond PP cups
 <Choose 2 pieces of passion fruit, lychee, berry, greengage, grapefruit, kumquat, roselle, mango, peach, osmanthus, perilla plum, pineapple>
【Allergens】 Mango flavor contains mango, please be careful when eating.
【Storage period】 Freeze below -18°C for 1 year
【Expiry Date】As shown on the date marked on the product (AD)
【Storage method】 Please freeze and store below -18°C (unopened)


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