Creativity Recipe MOOD Sangria Special
I can't go out and drink
So hot, so thirsty, so stuffy
The epidemic is heating up, and the local diagnosis has been +++
Everyone must take precautionary measures
#Maintain social distance #Masks don't leave the body
#洗手washing #Reduce group gathering
#Be considerate of the hardest frontline medical staff
So just drink at home!!!
Let's have two glasses of #MOOD sangria special tune first
Everyone Makes Sangria in Spain
And everyone does it differently
Today I will teach you the easiest way
Make the BEST Sangria
Love the layering - Sangria
-Berry capsule*1
- Red wine 120ml
- Sparkling water 60ml
- a few ice cubes
Love the refreshing feeling - Sangria Blanca
-Lychee capsule*1
- White wine 120ml
- Sparkling water 60ml
- a few ice cubes
Stir the capsules with the base alcohol first
Add ice cubes and pour sparkling water
#香甜 #冷冷 #消消 #料泡
#The most suitable bartending for hot weather
#SANGRIA #Spanish fruit wine
Make your own sangria now
MOOD Sangria Special