Creativity Recipe Summer PLUS
The hotter weather calls for some refreshing drinks to cool off the heat
"#MOOD Taste of Early Years Special Summer PLUS"
When #百香flavor capsule mix #Taiwan Pineapple
Sweet and sour refreshing taste
#MOOD #木酒酒草节 #玫瑰upgraded version
#网美特调# Suitable for both adults and children
#收起技术支持Taiwan pineapple ✌

raw material:
1 Passion Capsule
1 Taiwanese pineapple
1 cup crushed ice
Sparkling water 80ml
__ #Would you like alcohol to decide for yourself __
If you want to drink, add 60ml vodka
Do not drink and add 60ml sugar-free green
____- #Underage forbidden to drink alcohol ____-

1. Cut off 1/4 of the pineapple head
2. Cut rice characters on the pineapple meat with a knife, scoop out the pineapple meat with a spoon and set aside, remember not to damage the surface of the pineapple
3. Put the dug out pineapple (1/3 of the amount is enough) and the thawed passion capsules into a juicer to make pineapple juice
4. Add 60ml vodka and 80ml sparkling water to the pineapple juice, stir gently
5. Put the crushed ice into the hollowed out pineapple, about 8 minutes full
6. Pour the mixed wine into the pineapple, Summer PLUS is complete
Summer PLUS