Creativity Recipe Formosa 1
"#MOOD Taste of Early Seasons Formosa No. 1"
#MOOD #木酒酒蛋蛋#Full of Taiwanese taste
#67 graders will miss the old taste
When #金果袁被meets #58 Degrees Taiwan Sorghum and #津津Asparagus Juice
The sweet and sour taste of kumquat and asparagus juice reduces the spicy taste of sorghum
but still retains the aroma of sorghum
Perfect for a weekday afternoon drink
Relieve the distress at work ✌
raw material:
1 kumquat capsule
80ml asparagus juice
Sorghum wine 60ml
some ice cubes

1. Pour the capsules and sorghum wine into a shaker cup and soak for 3 minutes
2. Add ice cubes and asparagus juice to shake evenly, then pour into a goblet and it's done
Formosa 1