Creativity Recipe long island mangoes
#MOOD wine list
The hot weather is perfect for a cup of mango summer special ☀️
Today I will teach you to use mango flavor capsules to make a cup and drink it will be boundless #长岛曼萌

raw material
Mangmang summer*1
Vodka 30ml
Gin 30ml
Tequila 30ml
Draft beer 120ml
ice cubes

1. Take out the marshmallows and lemon attached to Mangmang summer and set aside
2. Put ice cubes in the shaker
3. Add mango summer, vodka, gin and tequila in order to shake together
4. After putting lemon slices and ice cubes in the glass, pour in the Shake-made Montmont
5. Finally, add draft beer, and the Long Island Mang Mang is complete~

#味味向甜#High alcohol concentration
Girls, don't drink too much
#drink if you don't want to
Can swap draft beer for sugar-free greens
It will instantly become a refreshing #曼果茶酒 yo~
long island mangoes