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Anytime, everywhere, your exclusive bar—Mood·Cocktail.

The brand "Moodcocktails" aims to provide consumers with the ability to enjoy cocktails or mocktails anytime, anywhere, emphasizing the philosophy of casual life and adding flavors to your daily life.

In 2020, we focus on make cocktail easier and simplify the bartending procedure, we develop the patented cocktail capsules, using patented four-compartment capsule to preserve cocktail materials and recipes, for those who want to DIY bartending but struggle to prepare all kinds of materials, Moodcocktail cocktail capsule provide the best solution.

After many explorations and trials, the cocktail capsule was finally born, with a patented four-compartment design, which locks the materials of recipes inside, recipes design by professional bartenders, and you just needs to mix with vodka and sparkling water, Great flavor just like made by  bar.

Choose the flavor according to your mood (Mood) and freely mix different proportions of base wine or sparkling water to create a variety of drinking options. It is the only innovative product in the market that provides DIY bartending recipes.

Adhering to simplifying bartending process, the brand continues to make breakthroughs and innovations. In 2022, we develop intelligent Cocktail Machine (Cocktail Mixer), with automatic bartending process, Cocktail Machine reduce the human processing and investment of stores, so that Bartending can break out the boundary of bars and restaurants.

Enjoying life freely, let life be more fun & chill anytime, anywhere.

My drink, My rule.
Its time to rule your drink.
The cocktail capsule does not contain alcohol, you can adjust the taste and intensity of the alcohol by yourself.

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Brand Mu・Cocktail

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