[Cocktail recipe capsules combination] Contains_3 peaches + 3 sweet osmanthus

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You can enjoy a variety of flavor bartending easily and casually,
Make a Cocktail or Mocktail.
This product does not contain alcohol

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【Expert Comments】
If you've tried our previous fresh fruity concoctions, you'll be amazed by these two new flavors, both very fresh, yet rich and aromatic. If you like light and elegant flavors, don't forget to add more sparkling water, I guarantee you will like it.


【Product Name】 Cocktail recipe capsules
【Commodity weight (capacity)】 Cocktail recipe capsules 80CC/piece
【Contents】Cocktail recipe capsules 6 pcs
【Commodity Ingredients】 LALA LADY-Peach: water, lemon juice, apple juice, peach juice concentrate
                                                 DoReMi-Osmanthus: water, lemon juice, cranberry juice, sweet-scented osmanthus fruit juice, edible osmanthus
【Calories of Commodity】LALA LADY-Peach: 125 calories per serving
                                               DoReMi - Osmanthus: 71 calories per serving
【Storage period】 Freeze below -18°C for 1 year
【Expiry Date】As shown on the date marked on the product (AD)
【Storage method】 Please freeze and store below -18°C (unopened)


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